UAOSU Office Hours, May 3rd

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UAOSU Office Hours
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Thursday, May 3rd, 11am-3pm, MU Talisman Room


Join us for office hours!  Come talk with faculty active in building our union, get your questions answered, sign your authorization card, and pick up your mission statement poster.


As you likely know, we have reached the final step in gaining legal recognition of our faculty union at OSU. The card check process requires a majority of all eligible faculty sign an authorization card in order to approve our union. Signing a card is a ‘yes’ vote, and not signing constitutes a ‘no.’ This makes the process even more democratic than a traditional election, where the outcome is determined only by those who choose to cast a ballot within a narrow window. This higher threshold for demonstrating majority support gives every faculty member an equal voice in the process and removes the possibility for abstention. It’s therefore crucial that every faculty member has the full opportunity to make an informed decision. We hope you’ll stop by our office hours to have your questions answered and to sign your card if you’re in support.
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