Ground Rules Session Bargaining Update (02.18.19)

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The UAOSU bargaining team met with the administration team in the Valley Library during the afternoon of February 18. We, again, attempted to establish ground rules so that we could begin bargaining over real proposals and finding solutions to the myriad problems facing the OSU faculty. We were, unfortunately, again not successful in securing a final agreement. Our team sent the admin team an electronic proposal after the session that we hope will resolve the few remaining issues. 

The session was, however, a smashing success in that more than 50 faculty from all corners of campus gathered to observe the session. The team was heartened to see the show of support, hear the words of encouragement, and feel solidarity with our fellow faculty. We have been battling the admin over who is allowed to observe bargaining, what people can say about what they see and hear, and whether anyone has the right to stifle the voices of our faculty. The session on Monday brought home how important it is to ensure that all faculty – union members or not – have the right to observe the process that will shape the future of OSU for faculty and students alike. 

We will keep everyone updated about the future bargaining schedule and strongly encourage all faculty to come and observe. Your presence and your feedback are extremely important. Our team is working hard to represent all faculty at OSU; having faculty engaged with the process is the best way to make that happen. 

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