Bargaining Session 3 Update (04.27.19)

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The UAOSU Bargaining Team and the administration team met on Saturday, April 27 in Moreland Hall. Twenty faculty members observed bargaining. The administration presented two counterproposals: savings and personnel files. We introduced seven new articles: fringe benefits; benefits for eligible retired faculty members; public employee benefits; postdoctoral scholar and postdoctoral fellow health plans; retirement benefits; professional development; and health and safety, facilities, and work spaces. UAOSU presented two counterproposals: no strike, no lockout and non-discrimination.

The teams engaged in some productive conversation about both issues and process. The administration team continued to assert that existing policy, process, and law offer adequate protection for faculty in areas like non-discrimination and access to personnel files. We continued to explain that codifying those protections in a collective bargaining agreement so they cannot be changed unilaterally is a critical priority for faculty.

After a lunch break & caucus, the teams discussed an agenda for Tuesday’s session and potential dates for sessions in Bend and Newport before breaking at 3pm.

The next bargaining session is Tuesday, April 30 from 9am–1pm in Agricultural & Life Sciences Building 3006A. We plan to present articles on notice of appointment, annual review, and more. The administration’s team plans to present on the general state of the university’s finances.

Attending a bargaining session is a great way to stay informed and engaged in the development of our first contract. We appreciate your support! You can find a full calendar of Spring Term bargaining sessions on our website.

In solidarity,

Your bargaining team

Proposals Exchanged 04.27.19

UAOSU Proposals 04.27.19

Administration Proposals 04.27.19

Get Involved

To support your bargaining team in negotiating the strongest possible contract, be sure to:

1. Join UAOSU. If you aren’t sure that you’ve signed a membership card (note: this is separate from the authorization card you signed last academic year), be sure to join today by completing an online membership card.

2. Attend a bargaining session. As noted above, joining us in the bargaining room is the best way to support your bargaining team. Your presence demonstrates strength and solidarity, and it allows us to work through proposals with a broader group of faculty. RSVP for upcoming sessions you’ll be able to attend! We’ll confirm locations with you as soon as we have them.

3. Show your support. Hang a poster in support of bargaining on your office or lab door. You can print a sign here, or request a glossy poster be delivered to you by responding to this message.

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