Letter of Support from Corvallis Professional Firefighters Local 2240

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Dear President Ray,

On behalf of the Corvallis Professional Firefighters Local 2240, I am writing to you in support of United Academics of Oregon State University. I know that  the OSU administration has been in contract negotiations with UAOSU for almost a year and a half. I am disappointed to learn that your administration has failed to address the concerns of fair compensation, stable jobs, research support, accessible childcare, and an equitable family leave policy. UAOSU has worked diligently to find fair solutions to these concerns and ultimately make OSU a better institution.

  This is particularly troublesome considering the work recently done by the members of UAOSU to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic regarding many aspects of their jobs.  UAOSU has met these challenges in a professional manner that allowed for continued academic excellence, furthering OSU’s standing as a premier institution of higher learning. It would be my hope that your institution would provide working conditions that reflect respect, social responsibility, and accountability to our community.  

OSU relies on committed faculty to provide a high-quality education through excellence in
teaching, research, and outreach.  OSU faculty deserve a fair contract.

On behalf of Corvallis Professional Firefighters Local 2240,

William Kalenius

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