Letter of Support from Sunrise Corvallis

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Dear President Ray,

On behalf of Sunrise Corvallis, I am writing today to encourage you to reach a fair contract with the United Academics of Oregon State University (UAOSU) that appropriately honors the dedication and work of OSU faculty members and recognizes their contributions to the community and to the university. OSU’s teaching, research, and extension faculty are an irreplaceable asset to the university and to the state of Oregon, and after more than a year of negotiating, it is time to settle an agreement that values their commitment to students and to the public good. 

I know that I’m not alone in sharing my concern about the outstanding issues in their contract negotiations, particularly in light of the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. Working without a contract amid a deepening public health crisis is surely exacerbating their feelings of anxiety and instability at this time. OSU can demonstrate its commitment to the faculty members who are working hard to fulfill the university’s mission by reaching an agreement that addresses their most pressing needs, particularly a family and medical leave policy that goes beyond the sixty hours that you know to be insufficient and inequitable.

Given that their working conditions are also our learning conditions, it is my hope that OSU will agree to a fair contract with UAOSU that provides faculty members all across the state of Oregon with some greatly needed stability and certainty. As we begin to address the unprecedented challenges that face us, I believe that OSU can emerge stronger only through collaboration and cooperation with its faculty members. Now is the time for all Oregonians to stand together and support one another–the way to support your faculty members is to reach a fair agreement. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sunrise Corvallis

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