11.16.20 Nominees for Fall 2020 UAOSU Election

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Dear members,

We are writing to announce the candidates for our inaugural union elections. This is an important step of building our union! You can find out more about the roles of union officers and our elections process in our Constitution and Bylaws. To become a certified candidate nominees needed to meet all nomination requirements listed here


Union Wide OfficersCandidates
PresidentKathleen Stanley
Executive Vice PresidentKelly McElroy
SecretaryVictor Reyes
TreasurerJan Medlock
Chair of the Grievance & Contract Administration CommitteeLouisa Hooven
Chair of the Organizing & Membership CommitteeSteve Shay
Chair of Diversity, Equity & InclusionAurora Sherman
Constituency Specific Vice Presidents
Vice President for Tenure-Track Faculty AffairsMarisa Chappell
Vice President for Non-Tenure-Track Instructional Faculty Affairsno candidates filed
Vice President for Non-Tenure-Track Research Faculty AffairsBill Thomas
Vice President for Faculty at Non-Corvallis Locations #1no candidates filed
Vice President for Faculty at Non-Corvallis Locations #2no candidates filed
Representative Assembly
Agriculture (10 seats)no candidates filed
Business (2 seats)no candidates filed
Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences (3 seats)Jenna Tilt
Education (2 seats)no candidates filed
Engineering (5 seats)no candidates filed
Forestry (2 seats)no candidates filed
Liberal Arts (7 seats)Lori Cramer
Amanda Granrud
Kenny Maes
Amelie Ollivier
Joseph Orosco
Pharmacy (1 seat)no candidates filed
Public Health & Human Sciences (4 seats)Laurel Kincl
Kate MacTavish
Science (4 seats)no candidates filed
Vet Medicine (1 seat)no candidates filed
At Large (4 seats)no candidates filed

You can read the candidate statement from each of the nominees at uaosu.org/fall2020candidates.

Ballots – DUE DECEMBER 8th!

Ballots are being sent via US mail to the mailing address on file for each member this week. In order to ensure timely receipt of your UAOSU ballot you must have been a member in good standing by Sunday November 8, 2020 at 11:59pm. 

Just like Oregon elections for public offices, you need to fill out your ballot completely, place it in the secrecy envelope, put that into the return envelope provided, and return your ballot via US mail. We urge you to fill out your ballot and return it promptly to make sure it arrives by Tuesday December 8, 2020 at 11:59pm.  Our committee will count the ballots once the balloting period closes and announce the results by December 11. 

Following the process laid out in our Constitution & Bylaws, our election will use approval voting. Approval voting allows members to cast their votes for each candidate that they approve of to hold office. When ballots are tallied, the candidate with the greatest approval of their colleagues wins the seat.Candidates running unopposed must receive approval from at least 50% of the members voting to win their seat.

Elected officers and representatives will assume office in early January 2021.

If you have more questions about the elections process please contact the UAOSU elections committee directly at elections@uaosu.org.

In Solidarity,
Your UAOSU Elections Committee