11.2.20 – Salary Reduction Program to End December 1

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We are pleased to share that the temporary salary reduction program will end December 1, 2020! Beginning with the December pay period, all bargaining unit faculty will be returned to their full monthly salary.

Ending the salary reduction program early is a direct result of the work we did through our union to negotiate a transparent and progressive salary reduction program that scales with the Corvallis Education and General Fund revenue shortfall. In May, we stood together as a united faculty to push back against the administration’s proposal to reduce faculty salary by up to 20% with no guardrails or accountability, and we won.

The temporary salary reduction program was implemented in September at the projected shortfall level of $55M. The most recent projections show an approximate $40M shortfall. In just three months (September-November), the administration will have recovered salary savings equivalent to the reduction level appropriate for a ~$41M revenue shortfall over the full duration of the salary reduction program period (September 2020-June 2021).We are unlikely to know whether salary will be owed back to faculty until closer to the end of the fiscal year (June 30), but for now, we are pleased to have all faculty returned to their full monthly salary. If, as currently projected, the actual shortfall is less than ~$41M, faculty will be owed back salary recovered in excess of the level appropriate to the actual shortfall. If the actual revenue shortfall is less than $35M, all salary recovered through the salary reduction program will be owed back to faculty. If conditions change dramatically and shortfalls are again expected to exceed $41M, it is possible the salary reduction program will need to be re-implemented. Without our union and the strong collective bargaining agreement we negotiated, we could not have hoped for this early end to the salary reduction program, let alone the potential return of excess salary savings in future paychecks. Join with us today to strengthen our efforts in the work ahead

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