Letter of Support for OFNHP AFT Local 5017

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To the members of OFNHP AFT Local 5017,

We stand in solidarity with you in your fight for fair wages, safe working conditions, and a fair
contract at St. Charles Medical Center. Our union represents members across Oregon, including
the OSU Cascades campus in Bend, and we recognize the importance of the work you do for
our community.

What you have experienced negotiating with St. Charles Medical Center is disturbingly
common. President Aaron Adams and the administrators at St. Charles want to leverage our
present pandemic and the hospital’s monopsonistic position in the Bend medical landscape to
force your members to accept less than what you deserve.

They have used questionable data to support their arguments and have refused to share that
data with your bargaining team. They have refused to recognize that one’s salary can never be
adequate if it consistently falls behind the rate of inflation. They would rather see your patients
suffer than negotiate in good faith and work with your union to ensure that your members are
adequately compensated for the excellent care that you provide your patients.

Stand strong, OFNHP AFT Local 5017, and know that the instructional and research faculty at
OSU stand with you. When we remain united, we can accomplish so much. You will prevail, and
it’s time that the administrators of St. Charles recognize the error of their ways and return to the
bargaining table for the good of the hospital, its workers, and its patients.

In solidarity,

The Executive Council of United Academics of Oregon State University
AAUP/AFT Local 9609

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