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We met with the administration team on July 22 to continue discussing salary for the remaining three years of our contract. The administration presented a counter-proposal that increased the salary pool for raises to 3% annually but still excludes increases to minimum salaries or equity adjustments that we put forth in our initial proposal. While this is an improvement over their original offer, the administration’s unwillingness to include equity adjustments continues to be a significant sticking point in our negotiations because it is one of our members’ bargaining priorities.



Your bargaining team and the administration team met 11:30-1:00, July 22 on Zoom to discuss salary increases for the remaining three years of our contract. Thank you to the faculty members who observed the session. Our membership empowers us to negotiate salary increases you and your colleagues deserve, so if you haven’t joined UAOSU yet, you can do so at

At this session, the administration team brought a counter to our last salary proposal.   In this proposal, the administration has increased its offer to a 3% increase for all eligible faculty beginning July 1, 2021 (September 15, 2021 for 9-month employees) with an additional 3% salary pool for each of the remaining two years of the contract. In the latter two years, the salary pools, allocated by unit, would be divided into 2% increases to all eligible faculty and an additional 1% to reward meritorious work.   The proposal included language indicating that raises might be higher in the event that university revenues grow more than forecast. While more money to faculty salaries would indeed be welcome, the proposal does not specify how that extra money would be distributed. As in their previous proposal, acceptance of these terms would be contingent on UAOSU dropping the active grievance we have filed regarding the salary reductions last year.

The administration has been adamant about not including equity raises or increases to minimum salaries in this round of negotiations. What is most troubling to us is the administration’s refusal to consider equity adjustments. This was true during our inaugural contract negotiations and it is true this time as well. Our members have consistently ranked salary inequities as a top priority and a problem requiring urgent action. Inequitable pay at OSU, based on factors such as race or gender, is a serious concern and needs to be addressed through comprehensive analysis and dedicated funds. The administration’s stance that this round of negotiations was only intended to address merit and thus cannot include equity increases is a subterfuge. There is nothing that would prevent them from discussing this with us; it is their choice not to do so. We also disagree that equity is a separate issue from merit. We are, after all, talking about meritorious faculty whose salaries are lower than comparable colleagues. Until salary inequity receives serious and sustained attention, the inequities already in place will only deepen with each raise cycle. If the administration is sincere about wanting to fix this problem, they need to show it, not just say it.  

The next bargaining session, to discuss campus reopening, is 9–10am on Tuesday, August 3 on Zoom. You can register here. Even if you can only drop by for half an hour, your attendance matters: show the administration that faculty are watching this process.

We appreciate your support.

In solidarity,

Your bargaining team

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