4.9.21 Results of our Spring 2021 Election

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Dear colleagues,

We are excited to announce the winners of the Spring 2021 elections! All newly elected officers and representatives will take office on May 1.

Challenges and objections to the election must be submitted in writing, with a statement of supporting facts and documentation, to the elections committee elections@uaosu.org by 11:59 pm on Monday April 12th. The elections committee shall issue a written opinion regarding the challenge or objection no later than ten (10) days after receipt. All vacant positions can be filled by the Executive Committee until the next general election in Spring 2022.

Union Wide Officers

President – Kathleen Stanley

Secretary – Victor Reyes

Chair of the Organizing & Membership Committee – Steve Shay

Constituency Specific Vice Presidents

Vice President for Tenure-Track Faculty Affairs – Marisa Chappell

Vice President for Non-Tenure-Track Instructional Faculty Affairs – Filix Maisch

Vice President for Non-Tenure-Track Research Faculty Affairs – Bill Thomas

Vice President for Faculty at Non-Corvallis Locations #1 – no candidates filed

Vice President for Faculty at Non-Corvallis Locations #2 – Ann Rasmussen

Representative Assembly

Agriculture (10 seats) – Clint Mattox; Kevin Weitemeir; Brittany Barker; Jason Schindler

Business (2 seats) – no candidates filed

Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences (2 open seats) – no candidates filed

Education (2 seats) – no candidates filed

Engineering (5 seats) – no candidates filed

Forestry (2 seats) – no candidates filed

Liberal Arts (2 open seats) – Bradley Boovy

Pharmacy (1 seat) – no candidates filed

Public Health & Human Sciences (2 seats) – Cathleen Crowell; Lori McGraw

Science (4 seats) – no candidates filed

Vet Medicine (1 seat) – no candidates filed

At Large (4 seats) – no candidates filed

We were pleased to have participated in this important process and look forward to the next phase for our union!

In solidarity,

Your UAOSU Elections Committee

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