3.16.22 Nominees for our 2022 union elections

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Dear Members,

We are writing to announce the candidates and share other information for our upcoming union election.


You can learn more about the roles of union officers and our elections process in our Constitution and Bylaws. Our Constitution has an alternating year cycle for officers so only half of the officer positions are up for election this year. If you don’t see your college represented below either no candidates filed or there are no open representative positions. You can read  the candidate statements received from nominees here.

Union Wide OfficersCandidates
Executive Vice PresidentMarisa Chappell
TreasurerFilix Maisch
Chair of the Grievance CommitteeLouisa Hooven
Chair of the Social Justice CommitteeKenny Maes
Constituency Specific Vice Presidents
Vice President for Non-Tenure-Track Instructional Faculty AffairsAmanda Granrud
Representative Assembly
Liberal Arts (6 open seats; 1 filled)Lori CramerOlin HannumAmelie OllivierJoseph OroscoH RakesBryan Tilt
Public Health & Human Sciences (2 open seats; 2 filled)Laurel KinclKate MacTavish


This year we will use an electronic voting system for our officer and representative elections. On April 1st you will receive your ballot via email with additional instructions for voting. The voting period will close on April 8th.

Following the process laid out in our Constitution & Bylaws, our election will use approval voting. Approval voting allows members to cast their votes for each candidate that they approve of to hold office. When ballots are tallied, the candidate with the greatest approval of their colleagues wins the seat. Candidates running unopposed must receive approval from at least 50% of the members voting to win their seat.

Elected officers and representatives will assume office in May.

If you have more questions about the elections process please contact the UAOSU elections committee directly at elections@uaosu.org.

In Solidarity,

Your UAOSU Elections Committee

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