6.2.23 Updates from our May 31 bargaining session on Paid Leave Oregon

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Dear colleauges, 

Your bargaining team met with the administration team for an hour on Wednesday, May 31. We presented the administration team with a counterproposal that reintroduced language they had excised  acknowledging the 120 hours of paid family and medical leave that we won in our collective bargaining agreement (CBA).  Bargaining unit members retain the right to take up to 520 hours of paid leave, using your eligible leave which includes the 120 hours of paid family leave, accrued sick leave, borrowed sick leave, and vacation leave if you are on a 12-month appointment .

The administration team has repeatedly affirmed that all the leave time we secured in our CBA (Article XX) will be available to  bargaining unit members with qualifying events. In this session, we reiterated the importance of committing their verbal affirmations  to writing. Our counterproposal would confirm  that these existing leaves will work in conjunction with PLO and remain available as an alternative to PLO.

After receiving our counterproposal, the administration team asked a few clarifying questions. We have scheduled at least three more bargaining sessions and are hopeful this will lead towards an agreement. The details and registration links for each session are below.

Faculty are encouraged to observe. We appreciate the support of those who have been in attendance and hope to see more of you in future sessions. Our power in bargaining is related to the strength of our membership. If you haven’t had a chance, you can join your union at uaosu.org/join.

Finally, we would like to leave you with two reminders.

  1. Thank you to everyone who participated in our bargaining survey for our next round of full contract bargaining. If you haven’t already done so, you can still have a few days to take it here.  
  2. We have two more Odd Friday happy hour events this term. Starting at 4pm today (week 9) and on Friday June 16th (finals week) we meet at Common Fields for drinks and camaraderie with other faculty. All faculty are invited to join us.

In solidarity,

Your bargaining team: Kathleen Stanley (UAOSU President and Lead Negotiator), Louisa Hooven (UAOSU Grievance Chair), Marisa Chappell (UAOSU Executive Vice President), Lori Cramer (UAOSU Representative), H Rakes (UAOSU Representative), Megan Dickison and Dan Andersen (UAOSU Executive Directors)

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