Caucuses are a place where members can come together with shared concerns and interests. Any three members can start a caucus, which must be approved by the Executive Committee.

If you are interested in starting or joining a caucus, please contact us at

The Labor Education Caucus promotes awareness of labor movement histories and cultures, highlighting the intersections between the labor movement and other social justice movements. In keeping with our purpose, we organize events to nurture imagination and participatory learning, based not only on discussion of relevant scholarship within and outside of academia, but also through an exploration of labor movement arts (film, music and song, theater, visual arts, standup comedy, and more). We seek to further develop within our union a historically informed sense of organizing possibilities, strategic thinking, and an appreciation for the rich repertoire of social movement tactics. We also intend our work as a caucus to inspire solidarity across differences, while honoring and learning about and from those differences. Finally, we hope to provide our union and the broader community with those stories that can connect our individual identities and imaginations through a deeper, sustaining matrix of shared, creative struggles toward a more liberatory and just future.

We invite members with similar interests to join us. As a caucus we will send one of our members to the Representative Assembly. In keeping with our embrace of memory and the historical long view, retired UAOSU members are welcome to participate in this caucus, though only actively employed members are eligible to represent us in the Assembly. 

For more information on the Labor Education Caucus, please contact Tony Vogt.

The BIPOC Caucus seeks to support and organize Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Faculty at Oregon State, to mobilize our collective voices to improve the working conditions for BIPOC Faculty, and to encourage participation in union membership and union leadership by BIPOC Faculty.

The BIPOC Caucus believes it is crucial that faculty challenge systematic and intersectional oppression in higher education.  We strive for social justice, equity, and inclusion within our union to build solidarity and to develop collective visions for empowering BIPOC faculty and students at Oregon State.

We gather together to share our experiences, find community, and envision ways to foster learning communities that respect the worth of all students, faculty, and staff at OSU.

For more information on the BIPOC Caucus, please contact Joseph Orosco.