Committees and Task forces

Our union gets work done by bringing faculty together through focused committees and task forces.

The Communications Committee is chaired by the union Secretary and ensures that both our bargaining unit members and the communities that we work in remain up to date on the issues affecting our union. We do this by composing materials for publication via email and text messaging campaigns, our union’s website, and our social media accounts. If you love composition, social media, and/or website design, contact Secretary Victor Reyes.

The duties of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee are to coordinate with the Grievance and Contract Administration Committee and University Offices, Centers, and Institutes to advance and promote equity and diversity at OSU and within the union. The Diversity and Equity committee will develop specific strategies for outreach to other faculty unions; for public communications in the community; for internal communications; co-sponsor trainings with the Organizing and Membership and Communications committees to enhance values and practices of inclusion and equity across the union. If you are passionate about social justice issues, contact Chair Aurora Sherman

The Elections Committee ensures a fair and legal process to elect officers, representatives, delegates, and constitutional amendments. That process includes informing union members of due process, ratifying nominations, counting votes, and confirming election results. Contact them at

The Finance Committee has two main responsibilities: building UAOSU’s budget and reviewing UAOSU’s finances. If you have a mind for financial matters, contact Treasurer Jan Medlock.

The duties of the Grievance and Contract Administration Committee will be to assist the chair of the committee in the resolution of faculty grievances, to study labor law and grievance procedures as they pertain to the needs and interests of the union, and to provide the Executive Council guidance on the desirability to pursue grievances to arbitration. If you want to help your colleagues and ensure that our Collective Bargaining Agreement is enforced, contact Chair Louisa Hooven.

The duties of the Organizing and Membership Committee will include actively maintaining and recruiting members and working with the Executive Council.  The committee is currently developing our membership plan during COVID.  We are actively phone banking prospective members to build our foundation and contacting members to recruit for the Representative Assembly. If you want to help your union grow and engage with prospective members, contact Chair Steve Shay.

Labor Management Committees

The following are Joint Labor-Management Committees and Task Forces established by the 2020-2024 contract. Each group has a clearly assigned focus and limited term. These groups have yet to be convened — if you are interested, contact Executive Vice President Kelly McElroy.

Childcare Task Force

Committee on Respectful Workplace

Leaves Committee

Patents, License, and Commercialization Task Force

Position Descriptions Committee

Support for Prestigious Fellowships