Fall 2020 Candidates

You can read the descriptions for each of the positions in our Constitution and Bylaws.

Union-Wide Officer Positions

Constituency Specific Vice Presidents

Representative Assembly


Kathleen Stanley

In seeking to become the president of UAOSU, I hope to continue the work that I have been actively involved in for over a decade, first with AAUP and later as a member of the both the UAOSU Organizing Committee and the Bargaining Team.  Being part of UAOSU has been incredibly satisfying.  I’ve learned a lot about the work of colleagues across the university and developed a greater appreciation for the complexity and diversity of that work.  Through our union we have created a community of individuals drawn from all disciplines, ranks, and colleges.  Our community includes faculty in extension offices around the state and those at other campuses in Bend and Newport.  We support one another and, through collective bargaining, negotiate the protections that allow us to do our best work and advance the mission and reputation of OSU.  With our first contract we have been able to secure more promotion opportunities and longer appointments for fixed-term faculty.  We’ve established higher minimum salaries, extended health care benefits for postdoctoral fellows, and created a pool of money to bridge temporary gaps in research funding.  We’ve doubled paid family leave, created stronger guarantees of academic freedom, and established a robust grievance process that includes outside arbitration when needed.  There is still much work to be done.  In the midst of a global pandemic and economic downturn, we need our union more than ever.  If elected as president, I commit to working together to implement our first contract, grow our membership, encourage greater member participation, work in coalition with other higher ed unions, and help secure the resources and establish the policies that faculty need in order to flourish and meet the educational, research, and extension needs of our state.

Executive Vice-President

Kelly McElroy

Thank you for considering me for the position of UAOSU Executive Vice-President. I am an associate professor in the OSU Libraries, and I have been helping to build our union since 2017. As an outreach librarian, I often make connections between groups in order to collaborate to make information and resources more accessible and equitable, skills that I bring to our union as well. I was a member of the UAOSU bargaining team during our inaugural contract negotiations, and have continued through the impact bargaining in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The role of Executive VP serves our union through coordinating activities for collective bargaining; participation in the Grievance, Communication, and other committees; and perhaps most importantly, by stepping into other work identified by the President and Executive Council. As the first set of elected officers for our union, there will be a lot to sort out and set up, and I welcome that challenge. I look forward to this opportunity to continue building our union. 


Victor Reyes

I have been an English as a Second Language instructor at INTO OSU since 2011. I have had the pleasure of working alongside many wonderful colleagues to help hundreds of international students acclimate to the culture and academic rigor of life at Oregon State University.

However, I did not truly feel like a part of OSU until I began my work as a faculty union activist and organizer. I have been a member of the Communications Committee, Organizing Committee, and Bargaining Team, and I had the opportunity to meet and work with compassionate and dedicated individuals from all across the OSU community. I have learned so much from them about what makes our university great and where it falls short of its potential. Together, our collective advocacy has initiated important and necessary changes at OSU. These changes benefit not just ourselves but also our students and the institution as a whole.

I am excited to continue that work as Secretary of our union. As UAOSU Secretary and Chair of the Communications Committee, I intend to overhaul our website to improve its usability and aesthetics, increase our social media presence to engage with our membership and allies, and explore other avenues to ensure that our accomplishments as a union are communicated both to our members and the community.


Jan Medlock

I am excited at the opportunity to continue building our union as treasurer. As treasurer, I look forward to guiding UAOSU to establish the financial practices that will ensure a strong future and to working with the executive committee to make OSU a better, more equitable, and more responsive place for all of us to work.

I am an associate professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences in the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine. In my 9 years at OSU, I have gotten so much satisfaction working closely with colleagues and students in my teaching, research, and service. In addition to my duties as an associate professor, I have been working to build UAOSU since 2017: I have been on the Organizing Committee since 2018, was on the team that bargained our first contract over more than 18 months, and am on the team that is bargaining over the impacts of COVID-19 on our work. From being involved in our union, I have learned so much from the many fascinating and inspiring colleagues I have met. I have also been able to use my training in quantitative methods in my union work, for example, by successfully fighting to better protect the lowest paid faculty from the impacts of the COVID-19 salary cuts and by writing code to automate tasks like identifying changes to the membership of our bargaining unit and looking for issues with our dues deductions.

Chair of the Grievance and Contract Administration Committee

Louisa Hooven

The grievance process is how we keep administration accountable and enable our bargaining unit members to realize the full benefit of the contract we negotiated. I have been a part of our union since it was just an AAUP chapter and continue to help organize our union as a member of the Organizing Committee. Since I helped bargain our first contract, I am very familiar with all its provisions.

  • My vision for leading the Grievance and Contract Administration Committee to uphold our contract includes:
  • Setting an empathetic tone, and resolving grievances to faculty satisfaction at the lowest step possible
  • Staying up to date with resources that reinforce and supplement our contract
  • Watching for patterns that may be of broader concern to our bargaining unit or should be addressed in our next contract
  • Establishing/maintaining a record keeping system that can help us track problems and solutions

Our contract embodies the concerns of our bargaining unit, which is very diverse in terms of job classification, description, and location. One of the things I love most about UAOSU is getting to know my fellow faculty in every corner of OSU and learning what you need to succeed in your workplace. I look forward to continuing to build a union that works for each one of us.

Chair of the Organizing and Membership Committee

Steve Shay

I am running for the position of Organizing and Membership Committee Chair and stand ready to help our union reach the goal of making our institution a better place to work and learn.  Having taught at Oregon State University since 2004, I was proud to be an early activist on the UAOSU campaign to form a union. I have served on the communications committee, bargaining team, and, of course, the membership committee. Our journey has not been a smooth road, but we have made significant changes to OSU.  Upon the horizon are hurdles: Covid-19, the Janus decision, contract enforcement, and the state budget.  What we have is reasoned arguments, goodwill, and each other to build the power of our membership so those who have not yet decided to join our ranks will, because they see how they share the interests of our cause and how our work makes higher education in Oregon better.

Chair of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Aurora Sherman

I am running to be Chair of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, a university-wide position that will work with a committee to formulate strategies for our union to fulfill our mission to promote equality (Article II, section 8 of our Constitution and By-Laws).  This committee is specifically tasked with advancing and promoting equity and diversity within UAOSU and at OSU more broadly by developing strategies related to outreach, internal and external communications, planning and co-sponsorship of training for members and leadership and enhance values of diversity, equity, and inclusion within UAOSU membership and activities. 

I am particularly interested in this chairship because it was a goal of mine from the very beginning of my work to organize with my colleagues and gain certification as a union—I wanted to ensure that we have a standing committee directed to focus on issues of equity. I feel I am qualified for this position because of the experience I gained; in addition to general organizing work toward certification of our union, I have on membership drives, and served as a member of the Organizing Committee, the Communications Committee, and the ad hoc Committee for Racial Justice. I am experienced in organizing, committed to UAOSU, and ready to take on the challenge of helping to open the newest chapter of our union’s activities. 

Thanks for considering me for Chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.

Vice-President for Tenure Track Faculty Affairs

Marisa Chappell

I am excited at the prospect of serving as UAOSU’s Vice President for Tenure Track Faculty Affairs. Since my arrival at OSU in 2005 as an Assistant Professor of History, I have participated in program development, strategic planning, and faculty governance in my unit, my college, and at the university level. For the past eight years I have worked with colleagues to organize and build our faculty union as a member of the Organizing Committee and the Bargaining Team for our first CBA. These experiences have taught me a lot about how OSU operates and have allowed me to develop relationships with colleagues across the institution. If you elect me Vice President for Tenure Track Faculty Affairs, I will represent the perspective of tenure-track faculty on UAOSU’s Executive Committee and will work to educate tenure-track faculty about the shared interests of academic faculty across ranks and the importance of collective action through our union. I am committed to continuing our work building a democratic union, advancing the work and well-being of OSU faculty, and fighting for greater resources and commitment to public higher education.

Vice President for Non-Tenure-Track Instructional Faculty Affairs

No candidates filed

Vice President for Non-Tenure-Track Research Faculty Affairs

Bill Thomas

I started at OSU as a graduate student in 2006, then stuck around as a postdoctoral scholar and, since 2015, as a Research Associate (Postdoc). A few years ago, I got involved with helping to build our faculty union because I believed that the smart, talented faculty of OSU had more to contribute to the shared governance of our university. My work with the many dedicated and hardworking people who make up our faculty has only strengthened that conviction. Beginning two years ago, I had the privilege of representing non-tenure-track research faculty on the team that bargained our union’s historic first contract with the administration of OSU. Now that we have reached agreement on that contract, I am committed to continuing to represent non-tenure-track research faculty in whatever capacity I am needed. If elected to serve as Vice President of Non-Tenure-Track Research Faculty Affairs, I will be happy to represent our constituency in that capacity.

Vice President for Faculty at Non-Corvallis Locations (Position #1)

No candidates filed

Vice President for Faculty at Non-Corvallis Locations (Position #2)

No candidates filed

Agriculture (10 seats)

No candidates filed

Business (2 seats)

No candidates filed

Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences (3 seats)

Jenna Tilt

I am pleased to put forward my name for consideration to be the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences representative for UAOSU.  I believe the mission of the union is to empower faculty, of all ranks, to share governance with OSU and CEOAS leadership in order to ensure equitable decisions regarding research, teaching, and service.  My email, zoom—and eventually—my office is open to all CEOAS faculty to share your concerns and suggestions about improving CEOAS and OSU governance frameworks to facilitate excellence in teaching, research, and service.  I will do my best to give voice to your concerns and to listen to your strategies for improvement through the UAOSU Representative Assembly and with CEOAS and OSU leadership.  Thank you!

Education (2 seats)

No candidates filed

Engineering (5 seats)

No candidates filed

Forestry (2 seats)

No candidates filed

Liberal Arts (7 seats)

Amanda Granrud

For the last ten years, I’ve been a Speech Communication instructor, predominantly teaching undergraduate and graduate international students public speaking and interpersonal communication.  I love being part of INTO students’ success at OSU as they acclimate to the culture/s, improve their English, and dive into their majors.

Helping to build our faculty union over the last five years has easily been the most joyful and vital things I have ever done in my professional life.  I’ve found a large and constantly growing community of dedicated, driven, supportive and self-less colleagues.  I’ve also had the chance to serve on the UAOSU Organizing Committee and the Communications Committee from the very start, as well as represent UAOSU at new employee orientations, contract information sessions, SEIU and CGE rallies, Board of Trustee meetings, and within AAUP-Oregon. 

Best of all, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting faculty across disciplines and ranks, learning about their work and experiences at OSU.  I will always stand with my colleagues to make sure OSU upholds its commitments to the amazing people it hires.  Indeed, so much of what OSU aspires to be hinges on faculty, and our union does much to restore the balance of power and support faculty in meaningful ways—all of which benefit the students we teach, the research we conduct, and the communities we serve.  

As one of seven CLA Representatives in the Assembly, I will work hard to initiate and support changes that make OSU better, a better place to work and a better place to learn.  If we do our job well, the Representative Assembly will embody the resourceful and egalitarian spirit that has guided our union before it was even certified.  Ideas and directives for change can and must flow up if we are to truly represent our respective colleges and be what faculty deserve and what the Administration desperately needs—a democratic resource for faculty and a guiding force for all of OSU. 

Amélie Ollivier

Hello everyone, my name is Amélie Ollivier. I am a French instructor in the School of Languages Cultures and Society. This is my sixth year as an OSU employee: I started working as a teaching assistant in 2015, and have been a full-time instructor since 2017. In the last 3 years, I participated in OSU faculty’s common effort to create our union simply because I believe that we are stronger when we work together to promote fair and equitable working conditions for all.  As a representative, I will do my utmost to reach out to faculty in CLA, regardless of your rank or FTE, so your voices can be heard and represented as we move forward as a union. Thank you and I am looking forward to meeting you all.

Joseph Orosco

Our union has taken an important role at Oregon State as an effective forum for improving the working conditions of faculty and enriching the learning conditions of our students.  I would be honored to have your vote for UAOSU’s Representative Assembly in order to take part in this work.

I have been at OSU for almost twenty years. In that time, I have served in various leadership positions advocating for the needs and interests of diverse groups of faculty and staff, including President of the Association of Faculty of the Advancement of People of Color,  OSU’s advocacy chapter of the American Association of University Professors, and several terms as Faculty Senator for the College of Liberal Arts.  I have been involved, most recently, with UAOSU’s Communications Committee and the Committee on Racial Justice.

We face many challenges ahead:  maintaining safety for instruction during COVD-19, upgrading access to child care for working families, ensuring racial justice and transparency in our discussions of public safety and the well-being of all our students, and in general, safeguarding adequate funding for the work we do in public higher education.  I want to bring my experience with the history of struggles of OSU faculty not to keep us tied to the past, but to help us imagine what hasn’t been tried, and what might be possible in the future for improving shared governance over our community. I am excited to collaborate with our colleagues from all around OSU on these and many other issues and I would be grateful for your support.  Thank you. 

Kenny Maes

I’m running to help do the work of building a vibrant and strong union that empowers us all through anti-racist, anti-oppression, and anti-exploitation organizing. My perspective, goals, and commitments have been shaped through my service with our union’s Organizing Committee since 2018, and with our union’s current ad hoc committee on Racial Justice. As an assembly member, I will work collaboratively within and beyond CLA to improve teaching, research, and work-life conditions for OSU faculty, particularly for faculty who are more vulnerable and historically marginalized. I have experience organizing our faculty union through office and home visits and phone calls with faculty across disciplines. I’ve helped facilitate various committee and council meetings over the last two years. In the Assembly, I will leverage these skills to energize our members and fortify our union.  I believe our union’s strength—its ability to genuinely attract members from all walks of life and improve working conditions for all—absolutely depends on opposing racism and other forms of oppression within our union and in our campus communities.  Issues of shared governance, recruitment and retention of faculty of color, as well as equity in workload, pay, and paid time off, are particularly important to me. As a working parent, I want to advocate for other working families and push our administration to address critical gaps in child care, as well as advance more equitable and flexible (for faculty!) work and family leave policies. I would be honored to serve UAOSU in this capacity and help make OSU a more just and thriving community.

Lori Cramer

I am a Professor in the Sociology Program where teaching and scholarship focus on environmental sociology, with particular interests in rural community resilience.  I have been a member of the OSU faculty since 1993 and have actively supported the formation of a faculty union since its days as an AAUP advocacy chapter. I believe strongly in our union and I am especially interested in supporting my colleagues in the College of Liberal Arts as a member of the Representative Assembly. I have too much respect for what my colleagues bring to this university to not do everything I can to continue to enhance working conditions. Representing CLA and working on behalf of our union, for me, is about empowering us to make OSU a better place for everyone, regardless of academic rank – to practice what we preach regarding social justice, equity, and shared governance.

Pharmacy (1 seat)

No candidates filed

Public Health & Human Sciences (4 seats)

Kate MacTavish

As I enter my 19th year in our college, I am seeking election as one of your representatives to UAOSU’s Representative Assembly. My enduring history of work and service has provided me with connections across our College that help me understand many of the issues our faculty face in their everyday work lives. I look forward to bringing your perspectives from across our ranks into the conversations around how we might make OSU a more equitable and just institution.  

Laurel Kincl

I am running to be one of the representatives of our College of Public Health and Human Sciences UAOSU bargaining unit members in the very first Representative Assembly. I look forward to connecting with you to hear your experiences and priorities for building an equitable OSU that lifts us all to our potential and makes OSU a great place to work. 

Science (4 seats)

No candidates filed

Vet Medicine (1 seat)

No candidates filed

At Large (4 seats)

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