Spring 2021 Candidates

You can read the descriptions for each of the positions in our Constitution and Bylaws.

Union-Wide Officer Positions

Constituency Specific Vice Presidents

Representative Assembly


Kathleen Stanley

In seeking to become the president of UAOSU, I hope to continue the work that I have been actively involved in for over a decade, first with AAUP and later as a member of the both the UAOSU Organizing Committee and the Bargaining Team.  Being part of UAOSU has been incredibly satisfying.  I’ve learned a lot about the work of colleagues across the university and developed a greater appreciation for the complexity and diversity of that work.  Through our union we have created a community of individuals drawn from all disciplines, ranks, and colleges.  Our community includes faculty in extension offices around the state and those at other campuses in Bend and Newport.  We support one another and, through collective bargaining, negotiate the protections that allow us to do our best work and advance the mission and reputation of OSU.  With our first contract we have been able to secure more promotion opportunities and longer appointments for fixed-term faculty.  We’ve established higher minimum salaries, extended health care benefits for postdoctoral fellows, and created a pool of money to bridge temporary gaps in research funding.  We’ve doubled paid family leave, created stronger guarantees of academic freedom, and established a robust grievance process that includes outside arbitration when needed.  There is still much work to be done.  In the midst of a global pandemic and economic downturn, we need our union more than ever.  If elected as president, I commit to working together to implement our first contract, grow our membership, encourage greater member participation, work in coalition with other higher ed unions, and help secure the resources and establish the policies that faculty need in order to flourish and meet the educational, research, and extension needs of our state. 


Victor Reyes

I have been an English as a Second Language instructor at INTO OSU since 2011. I have had the pleasure of working alongside many wonderful colleagues to help hundreds of international students acclimate to the culture and academic rigor of life at Oregon State University.

However, I did not truly feel like a part of OSU until I began my work as a faculty union activist and organizer. I have been a member of the Communications Committee, Organizing Committee, and Bargaining Team, and I had the opportunity to meet and work with compassionate and dedicated individuals from all across the OSU community. I have learned so much from them about what makes our university great and where it falls short of its potential. Together, our collective advocacy has initiated important and necessary changes at OSU. These changes benefit not just ourselves but also our students and the institution as a whole.

I am excited to continue that work as Secretary of our union. As UAOSU Secretary and Chair of the Communications Committee, I intend to overhaul our website to improve its usability and aesthetics, increase our social media presence to engage with our membership and allies, and explore other avenues to ensure that our accomplishments as a union are communicated both to our members and the community.

Chair of the Organizing and Membership Committee

Steve Shay

I am running for the position of Organizing and Membership Committee Chair and stand ready to help our union reach the goal of making our institution a better place to work and learn.  As the current Chairperson for the Membership and Organizing Committee (MOC) I have continued the work of growing our membership.  As a Union, we now have a functioning MOC that is establishing the goals, strategies, and tactics to grow membership and activism across all categories of faculty and all work locations. If you want to participate in this work, please let me know.  I also will be available to help you develop a stronger union presence in your particular school or work location. 

Having taught at Oregon State University since 2004, I was proud to be an early activist on the UAOSU campaign to form a union. I have served on the communications committee, bargaining team, and, of course, was elected to be the Chairperson of the Membership and Organizing Committee in Fall Term. I ask for your vote to continue the exciting work we have started together.

Vice-President for Tenure Track Faculty Affairs

Marisa Chappell

Since my arrival at OSU in 2005 as an Assistant Professor of History, I have participated in program development, strategic planning, and faculty governance in my unit, my college, and at the university level. For the past eight years I have worked with colleagues to organize and build our faculty union as a member of the Organizing Committee and the Bargaining Team for our first CBA. These experiences have taught me a lot about how OSU operates and have allowed me to develop relationships with colleagues across the institution. As UAOSU’s Vice President for Tenure Track Faculty Affairs for the past few months, I have worked with other officers to establish democratic practices and processes and set our union on a strong foundation (in other words, there’s been a LOT to figure out about how to run a union!). I’ve also been very involved with our active Social Justice Committee and have begun working with our Membership and Organizing Committee to develop plans for growing our membership and activating and mobilizing faculty around collective concerns. If you re-elect me, I will continue this work. Beyond union leadership more broadly, I see my role as representing the perspective of tenure-track faculty on UAOSU’s Executive Committee and working to educate tenure-track faculty about the shared interests of academic faculty across ranks and the importance of collective action through our union. I am committed to continuing our work building a democratic union, advancing the work and well-being of OSU faculty, and fighting for greater resources and commitment to public higher education.

Vice President for Non-Tenure-Track Instructional Faculty Affairs

Filix Maisch

I want to advocate for fixed-term instructors within our university.  I believe I can do this by serving in this union officer role.  I am proud of the work we did in bargaining our inaugural CBA and I strongly feel that the material benefits of that work are clear and already being felt, particularly for fixed-term instructors.  I would like to continue working towards making OSU a better place to work for all who I would represent.  Thanks for your support.

Vice President for Non-Tenure-Track Research Faculty Affairs

Bill Thomas

I started at OSU as a graduate student in 2006, then stuck around as a postdoctoral scholar and, since 2015, as a Research Associate (Postdoc). A few years ago, I got involved with helping to build our faculty union because I believed that the smart, talented faculty of OSU had more to contribute to the shared governance of our university. My work with the many dedicated and hardworking people who make up our faculty has only strengthened that conviction. From 2018 to 2020, I had the privilege of representing non-tenure-track research faculty on the team that bargained our union’s historic first contract with the administration of OSU. Now that we have reached agreement on that contract, I am committed to continuing to represent non-tenure-track research faculty in whatever capacity I am needed. My brief stint as Vice President of Non-Tenure-Track Research Faculty Affairs has shown me that there is a lot of work still to be done to build a strong faculty union; if re-elected, I am committed to continuing this work.

Vice President for Faculty at Non-Corvallis Locations (Position #1)

No candidates filed

Vice President for Faculty at Non-Corvallis Locations (Position #2)

Ann Rasmussen 

I have been a Faculty Research Assistant in the College of Agricultural Sciences for four years, working at two different research centers. The shift to remote work has brought many challenges, but it has also made it easier for non-Corvallis faculty to access training and to attend meetings on a level playing field. I see our current situation as a chance to promote faculty solidarity across locations and ensure that all of us have the opportunity to do good work with appropriate support from our institution. I will advocate for non-Corvallis faculty concerns and make sure that faculty at all locations are aware of the improvements in wages, working conditions, and promotions won in our contract.

Agriculture (10 open seats)

Brittany Barker

I completed my B.S. in Zoology at OSU over 15 years ago, after which I did a full circle back to the university after studying and working in four other states. Since 2018, I have worked as a Research Associate (Postdoc) for the Oregon IPM Center, where I design modeling tools to predict the activities and potential distributions of invasive insects. After becoming a member of UAOSU in 2019, I realized how important they are in empowering faculty and addressing issues that affect their personal and professional lives. My goal is to be more directly involved with UAOSU by becoming a member of the Representative Assembly for the College of Agricultural Sciences. As a Representative, I will look forward to hearing ideas and issues from members of the college, and synthesizing this knowledge to help shape the overall direction of the union and make informed votes on policies.

Clint Mattox

My name is Clint Mattox and I am a post-doc research associate in the department of Horticulture. I served in the graduate assistant labor union here on campus (CGE) and have witnessed first-hand the power of collective bargaining to improve working conditions. I firmly believe that we are stronger together and am very glad to have the opportunity to be a part of a new labor union. I will strive to represent the College of Agriculture to the best of my abilities!

Jason Schindler

No statement submitted.

Kevin Weitemier

I am a Research Associate with the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, where I study methods of detecting environmental DNA from aquatic systems in the Northwest. I have previously been active with both the American Federation of Teachers, and the graduate employee union, CGE. I look forward to representing the College of Agriculture as we build the strength of our new union. If you have any questions or ideas about the direction of our union, or about provisions of our contract, please feel free to reach out.

Business (2 open seats)

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Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences (2 open seats)

No candidates filed

Education (2 open seats)

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Engineering (5 open seats)

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Forestry (2 open seats)

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Liberal Arts (2 open seats)

Bradley Boovy

As faculty in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and World Languages Cultures, and as co-facilitator of the Difference, Power, and Discrimination Academy (DPD), I am committed to collaboration across Oregon State to shift the culture of our institution to one that works to advance social justice, with a particular emphasis on the connections between labor equity and antiracist institutional transformation. In our union, I currently serve as an appointed member of the Representative Assembly for CLA and am an active member of the Social Justice Committee (SJC), the Grievance Committee (GC), and the Movement Caucus. As a continuing member of the Representative Assembly for the College of Liberal Arts, I would strive to represent the interests of CLA faculty to our union and work to expand our membership across the college. I would also draw on my experience with DPD and my work with the SJC and GC to inform conversations about equity, access, and inclusion as we continue to develop the policies, practices, and procedures of our union. Thank you for your consideration. 

Pharmacy (1 open seat)

No candidates filed

Public Health & Human Sciences (2 open seats)

Cathleen Crowell

I am running to serve as a representative for our College of Public Health and Human Sciences UAOSU bargaining unit members because I value each individual’s contribution to our college. I will listen to your input and views as we work toward an equitable OSU.

Lori McGraw

I have a broad understanding of teaching and research positions at Oregon State University. For the past 26 years, I have been a graduate student, 4-H State Program Coordinator, Research Associate, Internship Coordinator, Instructor, and HDFS Undergraduate Program Director. I come from a family of unionized steelworkers, and I learned early about the power of collective action. I wholeheartedly support the belief that an empowered faculty helps to build a better OSU for current and future generations. I would be honored to serve the College as a Public Health and Human Sciences Representative.

Science (4 open seats)

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Vet Medicine (1 open seat)

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At Large (4 open seats)

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