Petition Template

Nominations for all officer positions and the representative assembly open on Tuesday January 19, 2021. Due to concerns related to Covid 19 the Elections Committee will accept petition signatures in the form of email.

Use the below template to collect petition support from members. Compile each individual email (including date and time sent and the senders original email) into one pdf and send to the Elections Committee at before 11:59pm on Thursday February 18, 2021.

To qualify as a candidate for an officer position you must submit a petition containing 20 signatures from members.

To qualify as a candidate for a representative assembly position you must submit a petition containtaining 19 signatures from members of your college, plus your own signature to acknowledge your willingness to serve if elected.

Nominations Petition Template

I, [member name], am a member of UAOSU in good standing and wish to nominate [nominee name] for [position title] for the UAOSU Spring 2021 election.