Recent Certification


The following email was sent out to all members of the bargaining unit on June 27th, 2018:


“Dear colleagues,


We have exciting news — the Employment Relations Board (ERB) has certified our union, UAOSU. On June 5th, we filed authorization cards for a bargaining unit of non-supervisory teaching and research faculty. Our filing was supported by authorization cards demonstrating a strong majority of faculty support for UAOSU, including a majority in both tenure- and non-tenure tracks. The ERB has checked the signed cards against the list of eligible employees and issued their findings today. To read the full Order of Certification, click here.


This marks a momentous day for higher education in Oregon. Not only was our union certified, but also our colleagues’ union at Oregon Tech (OIT). Now the faculty of all seven public universities in Oregon have unions.


We can now start focusing on the next steps of preparing to bargain our first contract. Together, we will continue conversations across the state to ensure that all of our colleagues have the opportunity to shape the priorities of our union. To get more involved with the next phase of building UAOSU, please connect with us at

In Solidarity,

Your UAOSU Communications Committee”

Card Check in Progress (supervisory faculty)

Faculty with limited supervisory authority are still working on collecting authorization cards for their bargaining unit. Are you a supervisor and haven’t signed your card? Click below to request a card or print one to mail to UAOSU, 760 SW Madison, Corvallis, OR 97333.

Request a Card

Print a Card

Phone: 541-207-3352 Email:

Backside of Annotated Card 2.14
Watermark UAOSU Annotated Card


Bargaining Our First Contract


Join a UAOSU Bargaining Work Group!

Now that UAOSU is certified, it’s time to prepare for contract bargaining. That preparation starts with forming research groups and conducting an inclusive, university-wide survey about our working conditions. Your input and energy through these groups will ensure that bargaining conversations are focused on key issues.

These groups will research a variety of topics, including but not limited to: site-specific conditions, workload, research support, academic freedom, compensation, benefits, and promotion & tenure. The work of the research groups is a crucial first step in collecting information from colleagues about bargaining priorities.

Learn More!

If you are interested in joining a work group or have any questions about the process, please send an email to or call 541-368-5345. Your time and experience will build a strong foundation for our union and make OSU a better university for everyone.

UAOSU’s Summer Solidarity Social! Wednesday August 29th @ 4pm – 8pm, Avery

Celebrate Our Certification!

Wednesday, August 29th, 4-8 pm

Avery Park Thompson Shelter

Join us for the 4th annual UAOSU Summer Solidarity Social – Our 1st since the successful certification. This year’s social will be potluck style. Beverages and grill items will be provided, so feel free to bring a side dish or dessert. RSVP here for yourself and your family to make sure there is plenty of food for everyone!


End of Term BBQ

End of Term BBQ
Friday, June 8th, 4-8pm
Avery Park Thompson Shelter

Join us for an End of Term BBQ to celebrate and relax after a term of hard work and amazing organizing! Food and beverages will be provided. Please RSVP here for yourself and your family so we’re sure to have plenty of food!

Portland Card Signing Event

Portland Card Signing Event
Wednesday, May 31st, 4:30-6:30pm
Growler Guys, 
3739 SW Bond Ave

We have reached the final step in gaining legal recognition of our faculty union at OSU! The card check process requires a majority of all eligible faculty sign an authorization card in order to approve our union. Signing a card is a ‘yes’ vote, and not signing constitutes a ‘no.’ This makes the process even more democratic than a traditional election by giving every faculty member an equal voice in the process.

Join us for a signing event at Growler Guys to sign your card and be part of this historic moment!

UAOSU On Campus and Virtual Office Hours

UAOSU On Campus and Virtual Office Hours

Thursday, May 17th, 11-3pm, MU Talisman Room

Come talk with faculty active in building our union, get your questions answered, sign your authorization card, and pick up your mission statement poster! If you can’t be there in person, visit our website at and click the “Virtual Office Hours” button in the bottom right corner to chat with a colleague.

Tuğrul Özel: Faculty Unionization Experience for International & STEM Faculty

Tuğrul Özel: Faculty Unionization Experience for International & STEM Faculty

Monday, May 14th, 4-6pm, Memorial Union

Tuğrul Özel is an Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Rutgers University. Dr. Özel will speak about his experience as a member and leader in the Rutgers AAUP-AFT faculty union. He will highlight how his union has specifically represented the needs of international faculty, through both contractual improvements and deeper social connections among all faculty. Dr. Özel will also discuss the gains he and other STEM faculty have achieved through collective bargaining.

Sorry you missed our event! Check out the brief summary here.

Unions Are for Faculty: The Rutgers University Experience

Unions Are for Faculty: The Rutgers University Experience

Monday, May 7th, 4-6pm, Memorial Union

David Hughes is a Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University. Dr. Hughes will share his experiences as a member and leader in the Rutgers AAUP-AFT faculty union—which represents more than 7,700 faculty, including full-time faculty who are tenured, tenure-track, and non-tenure track (state and grant-funded), and Postdocs. He will speak to some of the ways in which faculty across ranks and disciplines collaborate in their union and work to improve conditions at Rutgers for faculty and the broader community alike.

Sorry you missed our event! Check out the brief summary here.

UAOSU Virtual Office Hours

UAOSU Virtual Office Hours
Wednesday, May 9th, 11am-3pm
Springtime field work keeping you busy? We have you covered! Join us for virtual office hours to chat with a colleague about the next step in building UAOSU, get your questions answered, and request your authorization card.
Virtual office hours will be held here at Click the chat button in the lower right hand corner to begin!