Your Membership Matters

"Strength in Unity" - A sign from our first contract negotiations (2019-2020).

Welcome to UAOSU! As a faculty-led union, our strength is our membership. By becoming a member, you are strengthening our collective power to enact positive change for our students, our communities, and our faculty.


As a member, you help set the priorities and the direction of your union. You have full voting rights on all collective bargaining agreements we secure with OSU, can participate in any level of leadership, and help decide who should lead our union.


Being a member also means joining a community of OSU teaching and research faculty, and a community of faculty across the nation through our affiliates, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).


Once you’ve filled out the form linked below, you’ll receive a confirmation email, as well as a follow-up message from your constituency VP.  Our member-ratified dues are 1.33% of salary and are deducted monthly.


Thank you for joining UAOSU and helping to make OSU a better place to work and learn.