Contract and Impact Bargaining

Collective bargaining is one of the most important functions of any union. Through collective bargaining, our union is able to secure better working conditions and protections for our bargaining unit members. Our current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is in effect through June 2024, but stay tuned for news and opportunities to get involved with preparation for contract reopener negotiations later this academic year.

Oregon Paid Leave Negotiations – AY 22-23

Currently, we are in negotiations with the OSU administration around the implementation of Paid Leave Oregon (PLO). PLO is a victory for Oregon workers that establishes a new state-wide program that will provide up to twelve weeks of paid leave to most Oregon workers. We look forward to working with the administration to sort out the details. You can find updates on these negotiations and links to upcoming sessions below. All OSU academic faculty are invited to observe our negotiations.


10.27.22 – UAOSU initial LOA on Oregon Paid Leave

11.28.22 – UAOSU Employee Pickup Contingency

12.12.22 – Admin Employee Pickup Contingency

12.12.22 – UAOSU Employee Pickup Contingency

3.1.23 – Admin counter LOA on Oregon Paid Leave

3.8.23 – UAOSU counter LOA on Paid Leave Oregon

Negotiations Archive

Want to learn more about our past negotiations? Below you can find the archive for previous rounds of bargaining.

Salary Bargaining: Financial uncertainty in 2020 triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic caused the administration and UAOSU to postpone salary increase negotiations until the spring 2021. You can find all the information about these negotiations here. You can see our members’ bargaining priorities here.

Campus Re-Opening Bargaining: The university administration’s plan to return our bargaining unit to onsite work in fall 2021 triggered impact bargaining. You can find all the information about these negotiations here.

Initial CBA Negotiations: For information about the negotiation of our first Collective Bargaining Agreement, you can look at our archive of proposals and bargaining updates here.