Collective bargaining is an  important function of any union. Through collective bargaining, we can secure better working conditions and protections. Our current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is in effect through June 2024. To prepare for negotiating our next CBA we conducted a bargaining survey in spring 2023, held several workgroups in spring and summer 2023 where members dug in on specific issues for bargaining, and hosted a series of listening sessions in fall 2023 where faculty were invited to discuss their priorities with the bargaining team.


Now our team has reached an agreement on Ground Rules for negotiations is engaged in substantive negotiations with the admin team. We won access for in-person observation of bargaining, which will be open to OSU faculty, staff, and students. Transparency is a core value of our union, and open bargaining allows our members to come see the proceedings for themselves.

Members of the OSU community are invited to observe negotiations. You can come and go as your schedule allows. Even if you can only drop by for half an hour, your attendance matters: Show the administration that faculty care about this process. Sessions will be held in at the LaSells Stewart Center or Cascade Hall.

Check out our Proposal Tracker to see all proposals exchanged with the admin team so far.

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