01.22.24 – Contract negotiations begin tomorrow (Jan 23) at 10am!


UAOSU and the administration have finalized ground rules and will begin bargaining our contract reopener on Tuesday, January 23, 10am – 2pm at the LaSells Stewart Center. 


Your UAOSU bargaining team and the administration team bargained ground rules over 3 sessions: December 1, December 15, and January 19. At last week’s session, we were keen to get ground rules finalized, and we’re glad to say that we did! You can see the ground rules here


We won access for in-person observation of bargaining, which will be open to OSU faculty, staff, and students. Transparency is a core value of our union, and open bargaining allows our members to come see the proceedings for themselves. 


Unfortunately, the administration flatly refused to permit observation by Zoom. We successfully bargained by Zoom during COVID-19, and had hoped to incorporate Zoom into our return to in-person bargaining. Please know that we will send detailed bargaining updates, and will include links on our website to all proposals exchanged during negotiations. 


Now we move on to substantive bargaining. The first contract bargaining session is 10am–2pm on Tuesday, January 23 at the LaSells Stewart Center, Agricultural Production Room. We encourage you to observe this and future sessions. You can come and go as your schedule allows. Even if you can only drop by for half an hour, your attendance matters: Show the administration that faculty care about this process. 


Mark your calendar for the following tentative bargaining sessions:

Once they’re confirmed, you’ll find the details on these sessions at uaosu.org/bargaining.


In addition, stop by the formal Bargaining Kick Off event on Tuesday, January 30 from 12-3pm in the MU Journey Room (104) to meet your team and learn more about the process. Please RSVP at uaosu.org/kickoff.


Our power in negotiations comes from all of us working together as a united faculty. Becoming a member is the first step in supporting your bargaining team and securing a strong second contract . You can become a member online by going to uaosu.org/join


In solidarity,


Your bargaining team

Marisa Chappell, Lead Negotiator

Lori Cramer

Louisa Hooven

Filix Maisch

Kelly McElroy

Jan Medlock

Bill Thomas

Dan Andersen

Megan Dickison